Conference Overview:

Our programme of speakers addressed topics on how to recognise and diagnose relational trauma in infancy, the consequences of such trauma, and recent evidence about what works to both prevent and treat such trauma.

Major advances in brain research show us the effects of early attachment trauma on brain development and enables us to expand our awareness of these adverse experiences. We might consider that the effects of early childhood trauma are more severe because of the developmental periods and the impact on the developing brain. Research on the consequences of early traumatic events helps us to define new criteria for attachment trauma and offers us directions for early identification and enables a more accurate treatment. By raising awareness among both caregivers and clinicians about attachment trauma, prevention strategies and tailor-made treatment might increase and create new therapeutic opportunities. D’Hooghe D (2017) “Seeing the Unseen”: Early Attachment Trauma and The Impact on Child’s Development.

AIMH (UK) Awards.

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