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AIMH Conference 2017 - Stand Booking ‘Working effectively with fathers during the perinatal period’ - LONDON

Price: £170.00

AIMH Conference 29 September 2017 - Booking a Stand - £170.00 includes one free conference place; for payment please 'add to basket' or for invoicing/cheque payment please email for details.

Recent research shows that fathers are now as important to the mental health of babies as mothers. For example, the prevalence of depression and anxiety in fathers during the postnatal period, whilst lower than mothers, is still significant and children of fathers experiencing these problems face an increased risk of adverse emotional and behavioural outcomes, independent of maternal mental health. Perhaps, most importantly, fathers can protect children from the consequences of maternal mental health problems. 

 This one-day conference will provide an opportunity to both listen to and observe practitioners working with fathers experiencing a range of difficulties, with the aim of promoting the mental health of the baby.

This conference is now closed for bookings

Price £170.00