Helping Parents to Parent - Social Mobility Commission


This report ‘Helping Parents to Parent’ from the Social Mobility Commission, is well worth having to hand as a very good summary of the multiple factors that influence parenting, including many of the risks that affects caregiving (but not all), as well as an overview of how different styles / approaches to parenting have a long-time effect on the child’s future development. They stress that the early years are the most important; and also note that current government cuts are forcing the closure of children’s centres where parenting help and programmes are best delivered from. The authors then look at universal parenting interventions, all replicable in a UK context, from across the world and make a comparison. Only 6 out of 28 programmes turned out to have a high impact. The changes came in parenting style, home learning environment and family relationships. Different programmes had different outcomes among these factors. See page 32+  (and p. 37) for the themes they have pulled out of the review that lead to more successful implementation. All of these call for a children centre base. They conclude: “There is a need for more family centres or single- access platforms, which provide an umbrella of universal parenting support and services and are easily accessible for all families.”

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