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A fantastic opportunity to join us in launching AIMH (UK) SCOTLAND, the only organisation in Scotland that will focus wholly on infant mental health. AIMH (UK) SCOTLAND will run a programme of events and talks and will join the rest of the UK in bringing together practitioners to address action on the importance of infant mental health to society. Purchase your ticket from the Store page (members login with email address and password to gain...
Louise Emanuel had made such a seminal contribution to infant mental health nationally and internationally and for many of us her name is synonymous with infant mental health.  To recognise Louise and her wonderful work we have initiated the Louise Emmanuel Award for Infant Mental Health, the first of these Awards was presented, this year, at our Annual Conference in September and will be presented, annually, to somebody who has...
Early language acquisition impacts on all aspects of young children’s non-physical development. It contributes to their ability to manage emotions and communicate feelings, to establish and maintain relationships, to think symbolically, and to learn to read and write. While the majority of young children acquire language effortlessly, a significant minority do not.
Child and maternal health and wellbeing knowledge update - 10 August 2017 Breastfeeding at 6 to 8 weeks after birth: 2016 to 2017 quarterly data