Infant Mental Health Week 12-16 June 2017


Please click on link above for details around this year's Infant Mental Health Awareness week. Do get involved, and get your local MP, Councillors and Commissioners into the frame as well. In terms of advocating for the provision of infant mental health services and all the different kinds of help we can offer to vulnerable families in pregnancy and the early years, please feel free to take anything you like out of the attachment (see 'Read More') and apply it locally.

‚ÄčLast year the 1001 Critical Days campaign launched the UK's first Infant Mental Health Awareness Week #IMHAW16 which saw a reach of ten million. We would like to invite you to join 1001 Critical Days in partnership and collaboration for #IMHAW17 with the theme of pregnancy – ‘Begin Before Birth’, held from the 12-16th June 2017.

We want to open up the awareness week to organisations who share our commitment to changing the conversation on mental health through early intervention and prevention by beginning in the pre-birth and early years foundations of life to ensure that every baby is given the best possible start in life.

If you are interested in being involved, we’d love you to join us as a Supporter of #IMHAW17.

As a Supporter, there are three simple actions you can commit to in preparation over the coming months:

  1. Sharing awareness of infant mental health, 1001 Critical Days will be updating their website shortly with NEW resources based on this year’s theme
  2. Committing to one event during the course of the awareness week, and letting 1001 Critical Days know about the event
  3. Inspiring conversations about infant mental health in your community and sharing stories through social media using the #IMHAW17 hashtag by following the 1001 Critical Days Twitter Account @first1001days

Register your support by responding to and to being added to their mailing list to receive regular updates. 

If you have any questions at all, please contact

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