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On Tuesday 7 March, Public Health England published Child Health Profiles 2017 which present data across 32 key health indicators of child health and wellbeing. The profiles provide a snapshot of child health and wellbeing for each local authority in England and are designed to help local organisations understand the health needs of their community and work in partnership to improve health in their local area. Alongside the PDF snapshots, interactive versions of the data are available for local authorities and CCGs in the new child and maternal health section on PHE’s Fingertips tool for users to interrogate the data in greater depth.

New Home for Child and Maternal Health Data 

PHE are making some improvements to the way they make data available on the internet. The first part of this change means that you will now find all the child and maternal health data on Public Health England’s Fingertips tool. 

PHE would welcome feedback through email with any comments or suggestions.