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Document Name Author
PRESENTATION Watch, Wait and Wonder, Dr Michael Zilibowitz's Powerpoint Presentation from AIMH UK workshop 26 June 2010 Zilibowitz Michael
Making it Happen - Overcoming Barriers to Providing Infant Early Childhood Mental Health Zero to Three
Small Child, Big Worries Zero to Three
Early Childhood Trauma Zero to Six
Practitioner Review: Clinical applications of attachment theory and research for infants and young children Zeanah Charles H, Berlin Lisa J, Boris Neil W
The Young Foundation: Parenting and Wellbeing: Knitting Families Together Young Foundation
WHO Final Report: Early Child Development: A Powerful Equalizer World Health Organisaton
What are Child-Care Social Workers Doing in Relation to Infant Mental Health? An Exploration of Professional Ideologies and Practice Preferences within an Inter-Agency Context - Abstract Woodcock Ross Joanna
Conception to Age 2 the age of opportunity WAVE Trust
Professional and Research: Peer Reviewed..Interventions to support early relationships: mechanisms identified within infant massage programmes Warwick Medical School
Infancy in Times of Transition - WAIMH World Congress Leipzig 2010 WAIMH
Proposal for the Infant Rights Declaration WAIMH
WAIMH 13th World Congress IMHJ Supplement to Volume 33, Issue 3, Program Abstracts WAIMH Biennial World Congress, Cape Town, South Africa WAIMH
WAIMH IMHJ Supplement to Journal Edinburgh 2014 WAIMH
WAIMH Perspectives WAIMH
Maternal Prenatal Anxiety and Stress Predict Infant Illnesses and Health Complaints. unknown
Building a Happy Baby : A Guide for Parents Unicef
UNICEF - The Children Left Behind - a league table of inequality in child well-being in the world's rich countries Unicef
PRESENTATION 'Mentalisation in Practice: Infant Massage' from presentation given by Angela Underdown, AIMH UK Conference 3 November 2012 Underdown Angela
PRESENTATION 'Messages from Research & Practice - Using Promotional Interviews', presentation delivered by Dr Angela Underdown at AIMH (UK)'s Conference, Addenbrooks Hospital, Cambridge 13th May 2011 Underdown Angela
Drastic Drop in Health Visitor Numbers Threatens Child Health in the 21st Century - ukpha Report Nov 2009 UKPHA
An Equal Start: Improving Outcomes in Children's Centres UCL
Heightened Neural Reactivity to threat in child victims of family violence UCL
Making Sense of Infants Making Sense Trevarthen Colwyn
Supporting a Young Child's Needs for Care and Affection, Shared Meaning and a Social Place Trevarthen Colwyn
What is it like to be a person who knows nothing? Defining the Active Intersubjective Mind of a Newborn Human Being Trevarthen Colwyn
World Congress 2014 - Pre-Congress Presentation Trevarthen Colwyn
The Tickell Review - and how engaging with fathers can support children's learning Tickell Clare
Baby Bonds; Parenting, Attachment and a secure base for children Sutton Trust
Baby Bonds: March 2014 Sutton Trust
The Science Within Social Research Unit Darlington
PRESENTATION Minding the Baby: 'Enhancing Mentalisation in Traumatised Mothers and Their Children' from presentation given by Arietta Slade, AIMH UK Conference 3 November 2012 Slade Arietta
The Work Foundation: 0-5: How Small Children Make a Big Difference Sinclair Alan
Improving Outcomes and Ensuring Quality; a guide for commissioners and providers of perinatal and infant mental health services Shribman Sheila
Protecting Brains, Not Simply Stimulating Minds Shonkoff Jack P
Perspectives on risk and protective factors Shonkoff J P
Improving Outcomes and Ensuring Quality; a guide for commissioners and providers of perinatal and infant mental health services Sheppard Anna
PRESENTATION 'Parental Embodied Mentalising: The Mindful Soma' from presentation given by Dana Shai, AIMH UK Conference 3 November 2012 Shai Dana
PRESENTATION Susan Pawlby Workshop Sept 09 Seneviratne Trudi
Labor Market Returns to an Early Childhood Stimulation Intervention in Jamaica 30 May 2014 - Vol 344 Issue 6187
impact of a maternal history of childhood abuse on the development of mother-infant interaction during the first year of life ScienceDirect
Manifesto for the Early Years - Putting Children First Save Childhood Movement
AIMH Conference Presentation - Maxine Sacks Sacks Maxine
Maternal Emotional Wellbeing and Infant Development- The Royal College of Midwives, November 2012 Royal College of Midwives
Maternal Mental Health - Improving Emotional Wellbeing in Postnatal Care Royal College of Midwives
Management of Women with Mental Health Issues during Pregnancy and the Postnatal Period Royal College Obstetritians and Gynaecologists
The Early Years - How Experience Shapes the Brain Rowley Dr Simon
Associations Between Early Life Stress and Gene Methylation in Children Romens, Sarah E, Jennifer McDonald, John Svaren, Seth D Pollak
Possible Neurological Effects of Maternal Depression Rifkin-Graboi Anne
State of Child Health Report 2017 RCPCH
Royal College of Nursing. The role, function and future of designated safeguarding professionals in the NHS in England. June 2011. RCN RCPCH
Adolescence as a Second Chance Raphael-Leff Joan
PRESENTATION Workshop June 09 - Working with Teenage Parents Raphael-Leff Joan
ncb Childrens' Centre Survey April 2014: Heather Ransom, Senior Policy and Public Affairs Officer Ransom Heather ncb
Early Investment - The Eastern Region Infant Mental Health Newsletter PIMHT Norwich
Antenatal Depression Predicts Depression in Adolescent Offspring: Prospective Longitudinal Community-Based Study Pawlby Susan; Dale F Hay; Deborah Sharp; Cerith S Waters; Veronica O'Keane
PRESENTATION Susan Pawlby Workshop Sept 09 - Inpatient Treatment Programme Pawlby Susan
PRESENTATION Susan Pawlby Workshop Sept 09 - Parenting Assessment Pawlby Susan
PRESENTATION Susan Pawlby Workshop Sept 09 - Severe Mental Illness and Infant/Mother Interaction Pawlby Susan
Parenting Matters: early years and social mobility Patterson Chris
Early Days Project : Promoting Infant Mental Health Pankhurst Louise
Adaptive and maladaptive parenting perspectives on risk and protective factors Osofsky, J. D. & Thompson, M. D. (2000) Adaptive and maladaptive parenting: Perspectives on risk and protective factors. pp 54-75 in: Shonkoff, J. P.
Two for the Price of One - The Impact of Body Image During Pregnancy and After Birth Orbach Susie and Rubin Hollie
The Origins of 12-month attachment a microanalysis of 4-month mother-infant interaction NYS Psychiatric Institute
Nursery World Article 27/05/10 'Why Early Intervention Needs to be a Priority' Nursery World
Why Early Intervention Needs to be a Priority Nursery World
An Unfair Sentence: All Babies Count, Spotlight on the Criminal Justice System NSPCC Susan Galloway, Alice Haynes, Chris Cuthbert
All Babies Count - The Dad Project NSPCC Sally Hogg
All Babies Count - Prevention and Protection for Vulnerable Babies, Chris Cuthbert, Gwynn Rayns, Kate Stanley NSPCC NSPCC
NSPCC - Children experiencing domestic violence NSPCC
Prevention in Mind NSPCC
National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence, Public Health Draft Guidance NICE
Social and Emotional Wellbeing: early years. NICE Public Health Guidance 40 NICE
Using Incentives to Improve Experience in Maternity, Children and Young People's Services NHS South East CSU CQUIN Report July 2015
Neuroscience of Attachment: The Family Leave Act Newton Center for Affect Regulation
Securing Standards, Sustaining Success: Report on Early Intervention NET
Breaking The Cycle: Supporting Parent-Child Relationships through the PIWI Intervention Nenide Lana and Sontosck Staci
Better Mental Health Outcomes for Children and Young People - A Resource Directory for Commissioners NCSS
Delivering Mental Health Transformation for all Children NCB
Greater Expectations: Raising Aspirations for our Children; National Childrens Bureau (ncb) NCB
The Neuroscience of Attachment - Position Paper One NCAR - Newton Centre for Affect Regulation
The Effects of Two Influential Early Childhood interventions on Health and Healthy Behaviours. August 2015 NBER, © Gabriella Conti, James J Heckman, Rodrigo Pinto
Harvard National Scientific Council on the Developing Child: Maternal Depression can Undermine the Development of Young Children National Scientific Council on the Developing Child
Supportive Relationships and Active Skill-Building Strengthen the Foundations of Resilience National Scientific Council on the Developing Child
PRESENTATION Susan Pawlby Workshop Sept 09 - Video feedback in the Community Mycroft Rachel
Postnatal Depression linked to Depression in Offspring until age 16. Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Murray Lynn
The Munro Review of Child Protection: Progress Report: Moving Towards a Child Centred System Munro Eileen
Benefits of Child-Parent Psychotherapy for Recovery from Traumatic Loss Moore Michelle B. Osofsky Joy D. Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center
PRESENTATION 'Mind-mindedness; theoretical and clinical applications' from presentation given by Elizabeth Meins, AIMH UK Conference 3 November 2012 Meins Elizabeth
Strategy for Lifelong Mental Health Research April 2017 Medical Research Council
The Marmot Review, Executive Summary : 'Fair Society, Healthy Lives' Marmot
Leaving Baby to Cry could Damage Brain Development Leach Penelope
Mothers as Managers - Penelope Leach for WAIMH and AIMH (UK) 2005 Leach Penelope
PRESENTATION: 'The Future of Infant Mental Health, what everyone can do to make a difference' delivered by Penelope Leach at AIMH (UK)'s Conference, Addenbrookes Hospital, Cambridge 13th May 2011 Leach Penelope
Relationships and Feelings in the Nursery Leach Penelope
Attachment simplifies the complexity Kraemer Sebastian
PRESENTATION Dr Sebastian Kraemer : Do they get it or don't they? the politics of disconnection Kraemer Sebastian
PRESENTATION 'Antenatal Psycho-education and Parent-Infant Relationship' from presentation given by Tejinder K Kondel-Lawes, AIMH UK Conference 3 November 2012 Kondel-Lawes Tejinder
Best Practices in Early Childhood Mental Health Programmes for Preschool-Age Children knitzer
PRESENTATION 'The linguistic and wider impacts of encouraging non-verbal communication within mother-child dyads' delivered by Dr Elizabeth Kirk at AIMH (UK)'s Conference, Addenbrookes Hospital, Cambridge 13th May, 2011. Kirk Elizabeth
PRESENTATION 'Video Interaction Guidance, a relationship based intervention to promote attonement, empathy and well-being' from presentation given by Hilary Kennedy and Kim Dowsett, AIMH UK Conference November 2012 Kennedy Hilary
Breastfed babies are calmer, study finds Journal of Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics
Progress of PTSD symptoms following birth: a prospective study in mothers of high-risk infants Journal of Perinatology
The influence of children's cognitive delay and behaviour problems on maternal depression Journal of Pediatrics
Importance of Secure Attachment Journal of Health Visiting
Psychodynamic psychotherapy for children and adolescents: a critical review of the evidence base Journal of Child Psychotherapy Eilis Kennedy Nick Midgeley
Early Prevention and Intervention Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry
Long-term effects of a home-visiting intervention for depressed mothers and their infants Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry
Practitioner Review: Clinical applications of attachment theory and research for infants and young children Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry
The population cost-effectiveness of a parenting intervention designed to prevent anxiety disorders in children prevent anxiety Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry
Prenatal maternal stress programs infant stress regulation. Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry and ACAMH Journal of Child Psychiatry
Creating an anti-poverty childcare system January 2016 Joseph Rowntree Foundation
The relationship between poverty, child abuse and neglect: an evidence review Joseph Rowntree Foundation
IPPR Early Developments: Bridging the Gap between Evidence and Policy in Early-Years Education IPPR
A Call to Action on Behalf of Maltreated Infants and Toddlers in Canada 2017 IMHP Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto
iasa (International Association for the Study of Attachment) Conference, Plenary Addresses IASA
When Brain Science Meets Public Policy i(cs) Institute for Child Success
Parents with Mental Health Issues: Consequences for Children and Effectiveness of Interventions Designed to Assist Children and their Families Huntsman, Dr Leone
PRESENTATION The WAVE Trust - '70/30, A Radical Scheme for Stemming the Flow' written specifically for the AIMH (UK) Conference. The Invisible Child : How do Children Cope with Domestic Violence?' Newcastle, 14 May 2010 Hosking George
Tackling the Roots of Disadvantage Hosking George
The WAVE Report - Violence and what to do about it Hosking George
The WAVE Trust Report 'International experience of early intervention for children, young people and their families' Hosking George
Violence in adults could be determined in first three years of life Hosking George
NSPCC: BabySteps Evidence from a Relationships-Based Perinatal Education Programme Hogg Sally, Coster Denise, Brookes Helen
The Life-Cycle Benefits of an Influential Early Childhood Programme Heckman, Garcia, Leaf, Prados
A Model for Early Years Support Work with Families and Children with Additional Needs in Tajakistan HealthProm
HealthProm Evidence of the effectiveness of programmes to support parents and at-risk children HealthProm
National Scientific Council on the Developing Child: Persistent Fear and Anxiety can Affect Young Childrens Learning and Development Harvard National Scientific Council on the Developing Child
Building a Foundation for Prosperity on the Science of Early Childhood Development Harvard
Children's Emotional Development is Built into the Architecture of Their Brains Harvard
Early Experiences can Alter Gene Expression and Affect Long-Term Development Harvard
Establishing a Level Foundation for Life: Mental Health begins in Early Childhood harvard
Excessive Stress Disrupts the Architecture of the Developing Brain - working paper 3 2005/2014 Harvard
Harvard University Report : Young Children Develop in an Environment of Relationships Harvard
The Foundations of Lifelong Health, Center of the Developing Child, Harvard University Harvard
The Science of Early Childhood Development - Harvard University Jan 2007 Harvard
PRESENTATION 'Working in the Aftermath of Domestic Violence : Rebuilding Relationships between Women and Children' - Dr Chris Harrison's presentation to AIMH UK conference delegates. The Invisible Child : How do Children Cope with Domestic Violence?' Newcastle,14 May 2010 Harrison Chris
Home Visitation with Psychologically Vulnerable Families Harden Brenda Jones
PRESENTATION Presentation AIMH UK Conference May 2009 Guedeney Antoine
Postnatal depression: NHS is failing new mothers, say researchers Guardian Tracey McVeigh
Attachment disorder: The families struggling to stay in control. Families of violent and disruptive children with attachment disorder are finding that support for the condition is in short supply. Guardian
Childhood abuse may stunt growth of part of brain involved with emotions Guardian
Children of Offenders Review Government: Ministry of Justice
Engaging Fathers, involving parents, raising achievement - toolkit Government - Dept of Education and Skills
1001 Critical Days Manifesto Government
A New Approach to Child Poverty: Tackling the Causes of Disadvantage and Transforming Families' Lives. Crown copyright 2011 Government
Achieving Equity and Excellence for Children : Department of Health Publications. Crown Copyright. Government
APPG for Children - Report into the Enquiry of Children's Social Care in England, March 2017 Government
Building Great Britons APPG Report - February 2015 Government
Call for Evidence: review of the cost of providing childcare Government
Children, Families and Maternity e-bulletin. November 2013 Government
Department for Education - Early Years Outcomes Government
Department of Health, December 2011; Children, Families and Maternity e-bulletin, Edition 69 Policy Update Government
Dept for Education: Drop Plans to Increase Child to Adult Ratios Government
Ending Gang and Youth Violence Government
HM Gov National Domestic Violence Delivery Plan 2008-09 Government
Home Office Consultation on Domestic Abuse, click here to access website link and full consultation. Government
Making Sense of Early Intervention, a framework for professionals - The Centre for Social Justice July 2011 Government
Maternity and Early Years : Making a Good Start to Family Life DoH HM Gov Government
More Help for Disadvantaged Families; Published 28 October 2010 Government
No Good Options - Report of the Inquiry into Children's Social Care in England - March 2017 Government
Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage Government
Support for All ; Deptmnt for Childrens, Schools and Families Government
Supporting Families in the Foundation Years. Crown copyright 2011 Government
The Chief Adviser on the Safety of Children : First AR to Parliament 2010 Government
The cross-party challenge: early intervention for children and families Government
Tory MP plans network to help parents bond with babies Government
Violence Against Women and Children : Domestic Violence Taskforce DoH HM Gov Government
Annual Research Review: Prenatal stress and the origins of psychopathology: an evolutionary perspective Glover Vivette
PRESENTATION 'Formerly an Infant : Let's Tell the Story Backwards' presentation delivered by Dr Melanie Gill at AIMH (UK)'s Conference, Addenbrookes Hospital, Cambridge 13th May, 2011 Gill Melanie
The Children's Pledge - Melanie Gill's speech to the NSPCC/Mindful Policy Group (MPG) seminar on children's rights, London February 6, 2012 Gill Melanie
Frank Field's 'Foundation Years Trust' Field Frank
Attachment Disorganisation in Infancy: Relation to Psychoanalytic Understanding of Development Ferris Scott, McGauley Gill, Hughes Patricia,
Stressing out the Poor - Chronic Psychological Stress and the Income-Achievement Gap Evans Gary
Enough is Enough: A Report on Child Protection and Mental Health Services for Children and Young People Eastman Adele
The Influence of Domestic Violence on the Development of the Attachment Relationship between Mother and Young Child Eastern Michigan University
Early Intervention in Domestic Violence and Abuse Early Intervention Foundation
The Best Start at Home - What works to improve the quality of parent-child interactions from conception to age 5 - A rapid review of interventions Early Intervention Foundation
Childcare and Early Years Survey of Parents 2014-2015 Dept of Education
Early Intervention: Securing good outcomes for all children and young people' Dept for children, schools and families Dept for children, schools and families
Association of Antenatal Depression Symptoms and Antidepressant Treatment With Preterm Birth Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Massachusetts General Hospital...
The Kennedy Report. Sir Iain Kennedy 16 September 2010. 'Getting it right for children and young people: overcoming cultural barriers in the NHS so as to meet their needs'. Department of Health Publications.
Building Character - DEMOS Report DEMOS
Making Sense of the World: Vitality, agency, and meaning in Colwyn's principles of infant psychology Delafield-Butt Jonathan
PRESENTATION: 'Making Sense of the Symptoms and behaviour of survivors of child abuse who suffer from Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and borderline traits', 3 March 2012, Tavistock Centre, London - Part 1 PTSD and BPD de Zulueta Filicity
PRESENTATION: 'Making Sense of the Symptoms and behaviour of survivors of child abuse who suffer from Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and borderline traits', 3 March 2012, Tavistock Centre, London - Part 2 PTSD and BPD from an attachment perspective de Zulueta Felicity
PRESENTATION: 'Making Sense of the Symptoms and behaviour of survivors of child abuse who suffer from Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and borderline traits', 3 March 2012, Tavistock Centre, London - Part 3 BPD and COMPLEX PTSD de Zulueta Felicity
The Psychobiology of Neglect De Bellis MD
The Role of Early Experience in Shaping Behavioural and Brain Development and its Implications for Social Policy Dawson G
Prenatal maternal stress programs infant stress regulation Davis Elysia Poggi Glynn Laura Waffarn Feizal Sandman Kurt
Darwin C.R 1877. A Biographical Sketch of an Infant. Darwin C R
The Science Within : what matters for child outcomes in the early years Dartington Social Research Unit
CSJ : Green Paper on the Family CSJ
Rethinking Child Poverty CSJ
The Centre for Social Justice: Good Parents Great Kids Better Citizens CSJ
NSPCC: Evaluation of the BabySteps Programme: Pre and Post Measures Study Coster Denise, Brookes Helen, Sanger Camilla
Back to Facing the Future: An audit of standards for acute paediatric care, a RCPCH Publication Clark Peder
Reducing Risks: relationship-based servcies for children and parents Childhood, Understanding; originally published by CPT and AIMH (UK)
Associations Between Early Life Stress and Gene Methylation in Children Child Development, January/February 2015, Volume 86, No 1, Pages 303-309
The Development and Care of Institutionally Reared Children: The Leiden Conference on the Development and Care of Children without Permanent Parents Child Development Perspectives © 2012 The Society for Research in Child Development
More infant mental health services needed CELCIS
Prevention of Mental Illness : Why not Start at the Beginning? CEECD Bulletin CEECD
Promoting a Secure Attachment : A primary prevention practice model CARE
National CAMHS Support Service CAMHS
Expansion of the entitlement to free education for disadvantaged two year olds C4EO
Grasping the Nettle: early intervention for children, families and communities' click here for abstracts from Executive Summary C4EO
Adolescent Mental Health and Subsequent Parenting: a longitudinal birth cohort study Byford M; R A Abbott, B Maughan, M Richards, D Juh
Adolescent mental health and subsequent parenting: a longitudinal birth cohort study Byford M, Abbott RA, Maughan B, et al.
Antenatal depression and offspring psychopathology: the influence of childhood maltreatment British Journal of Psychotherapy
AIMH WAIMH Pre-Congress Brazelton Days Slide Show Brazelton Centre UK
Perinatal Mental Health: Experiences of Women and Health Professionals Boots Family Trust Alliance
PRESENTATION Postnatal Depression Studies in a Baby Massage Group - Cherry Bond : AIMH (UK) Workshop 5th March 2011 Bond Cherry
PRESENTATION Touch Communication in the Neonatal Unit - Cherry Bond, AIMH (UK) Workshop 5th March 2011 Bond Cherry
The Disparate Psychological and Social Support Available for Parents in the UK Tertiary level Neonatal Units BMJ
Research Article: 'Copper, zinc and iron levels in infants and their mothers during the fist year of life BMC Pediatrics
Study protocol: families and childhood transitions study (FACTS) – a longitudinal investigation of the role of the family environment in brain development and risk for mental health disorders in community based children BMC Pediatrics
The Importance of the First 1000 Days of Life Berg, Astrid
Beyond Diathesis Stress: Differential Susceptibility to Environmental Influences. Belsky Jay
Differential Susceptibility to Rearing Practices Belsky Jay
For Better and for Worse: Differential Susceptibility to Environmental Influences Belsky Jay
Short and Long Term Effects of Daycare Belsky Jay
Vulnerability genes or plasticity genes? Belsky Jay
A Dyadic Systems View of Communications Beebe Beatrice
A Procedural Theory of Therapeutic Action: Commentary on the Symposium, Beebe Beatrice
Brief Mother-Infant Treatment: Psychoanalytically Informed Video Feedback Beebe Beatrice
Co-constructing Image & Relational Processes: Self & Mutual Regulation in Infant Research & Adult Treatment Beebe Beatrice
Co-constructing Mother-Infant Distress in Face-to-Face Interactions Beebe Beatrice
Communicative Structures and Psychic Structures Beebe Beatrice
Dyadic Trauma in Infancy and Early Childhood: Review of the Literature Beebe Beatrice
Faces in Relations : A Case Study Beebe Beatrice
Infant Gaze, Head, Face and Self-Touch at Four Months Beebe Beatrice
Maternal Anxiety Symptoms and Mother-Infant Self and Interactive Contingency Beebe Beatrice
Microanalysis of 4-Month Infant Vocal Affect Qualities and Maternal Postpartum Depression Beebe Beatrice
Mother-Infant Interaction Structures & Presymbolic Self & Object Representations Beebe Beatrice
Mother-Infant Research Informs Mother-Infant Treatment Beebe Beatrice
Mothers Dependent and Self-Critical Depressive Experience is Related to Speech Content with Infants Beebe Beatrice
On Intersubjective Theories: The Implicit and the Explicit in Interpersonal Relations Beebe Beatrice
On the Origins of Disorganized Attachment and Internal Working Models: Paper I. A Dyadic Systems Approach Beebe Beatrice
On the Origins of Disorganized Attachment and Internal Working Models: Paper II. An Empirical Microanalysis of 4-Month Mother–Infant Interaction Beebe Beatrice
Prenatal Maternal Stress and the Developing Fetus and Infant Beebe Beatrice
Representation & Internalisation in Infancy Three Principles of Salience Beebe Beatrice
Six-week Postpartum Maternal Depressive Symptoms and 4-Month Mother-Infant Self and Interactive Contingency Beebe Beatrice
Six-Week Postpartum Maternal Self-Criticism and Dependency and 4-Month Mother–Infant Self- and Interactive Contingencies Beebe Beatrice
State case studies of infant and early childhood mental health systems : Strategies for Change Beebe Beatrice
Systems Models in Development and Psychoanalysis: The Case of Vocal Rhythm Coordination and Attachment Beebe Beatrice
The Optimum Midrange: Infant Research, Literature, and Romantic Attachment Beebe Beatrice
The Reconstruction of Early Non-Verbal Relatedness in the Treatment of Difficult Patients, A Special Form of Empathy Beebe Beatrice
The Relational Turn in Psychoanalysis: A Dyadic Systems View from Infant Research Beebe Beatrice
Theory and Research that Informed the Clinical Approach of the Project for Mothers, Infants and Young Children of September 11, 2001 Beebe Beatrice
Video Feedback with a Depressed Mother and her Infant Beebe Beatrice
Best Practice for Perinatal Mental Health Care; the Economic Case Bauer, Annette - Knapp, Martin - Adelaja, Bayo
The Cost of Perinatal Mental Health Problems Bauer Annette, Parsonage Michael, Knapp Martin, Lemmi Valentina, Adelaja Bayo
Child protection : Research briefing. Holding the Baby in Mind: A Public Health Approach to Child Protection Barlow Jane Underdown Angela
Risk Assesment : Pre-Birth: A Practice Model NSPCC Barlow Jane Supported by Department of Education
PRESENTATION 'Infant Mental Health : At the Cutting Edge' presentation deliverd by Professor Jane Barlow at AIMH (UK)'s Conference, Addenbrookes Hospital, Cambridge 13th May 2011 Barlow Jane
PRESENTATION 'Mentalisation and Mind-Mindedness: Introducing new ways of working with parents and infants' from presentation given by Jane Barlow, AIMH UK Conference, 3 November 2012 Barlow Jane
Differentiating Early-Onset Persistent versus Childhood-Limited Conduct Problem Youth Barker Edward D
'A Paradox of Volatility and Routine; key theoretical concepts that inform an early intervention programme for imprisoned mothers and their babies.' Baradon Tessa
Circuits and Circumstances Revisited: how early relationships affect brain development and later behavioural traits Balbernie, Robin
An Infant Mental Health Service: The Importance of the Early Years and Evidence-Based Practice (updated March 2012) Balbernie Robin
Circuits & Circumstances : the neurobiological consequences of early relationship experiences and how they shape later behaviour Balbernie Robin
Circuits and circumstances revisited: How early relationships affect brain development and later behavioural traits. Balbernie Robin
How Maltreatment Affects Development in the Early Years Balbernie Robin
Infant Mental Health Services: Recognising the Importance of Relationships in the Early Years as the Foundation for Practice-Based Evidence 22/06/16 Balbernie Robin
Infant Parent Psychotherapy and Infant Mental Health Services Balbernie Robin
Poised to Connect : How Early Relationships Balbernie Robin
PRESENTATION 'The Effects of Witnessing Violence' - Robin Balbernie's presentation to AIMH UK conference delegates. The Invisible Child : How do Children Cope with Domestic Violence?' Newcastle 14 May 2010 Balbernie Robin
PRESENTATION: Circuits & Circumstances The Consequences of Early Relationships. A View from Interpersonal Neurobiology Balbernie Robin
Robin Balbernie lecture 20th Annual Infancy Conference Balbernie Robin
Maternal postnatal depression and children's growth and behaviour during the early years of life: exploring the interaction between physical and mental health Avan Bilal
The Best Start : Supporting, Happy, Healthy childhoods. Australian Institute of Family Studies Australian Institute of Family Studies
PRESENTATION: 'The Newborn Brain and the Origin of Consciousness' presentation delivered by Dr Topun Austin, Neonatologist Addenbrookes Hospital, at AIMH (UK)s Conference, Addenbrookes Hospital, Cambridge 13th May 2011 Austin Topun
Early Intervention: Smart Investment, Massive Savings Allen Graham
Early Intervention: The Next Steps, Graham Allen Independent Report, January 2011 Allen Graham
Early Intervention: The Next Steps. An Independent Report to Her Majesty's Government, Allen Graham
Graham Allen Early Years Assessments 21/6/2011 Allen Graham
AIMH UK Best Practice Guide (BPG) No 1 - Improving Relationships in the Perinatal Period : What Works AIMH UK
AIMH UK Best Practice Guide (BPG) No 2: Improving Attachment in Babies: What Works? AIMH UK
AIMH UK NICE Guidance response AIMH UK
Action for Children - Deprivation and Risk : the case for early intervention Action for Children
Backing the Future - Practical Guide 1 - nef/Action for Children Action for Children
Give me Strength 4Children
The Enemy Within - Report written and published by 4Children, March 2012 4Children