Coram Adoption - Transitions from Foster Care into Adoption

23rd May 2017, 10:00am until 4:00pm

This conference will explore the child’s move from foster care into adoption, and the move from one carer to another. Is this being done too quickly? Is the child’s emotional experience central to this? Is better integration needed that is more sensitive to the child’s experience? What can carers, adopters and professionals do to enable the child’s move in a positive way?

We will examine the issues in preparing and supporting children, their foster carers and the prospective adopters during the transition to placement and will explore best practice in managing introductions. It will include learning from research findings on planning transitions and the role of foster carers in transitions to adoption.

This conference was run in London in October 2016, delegates said, ‘it was excellent, very thought provoking, very informative, child centred, a well-planned programme, a good range of speakers and will positively impact practice’. ‘It has reinforced good practice with my agency and provided me with some valuable learning to take back and implement’. The programme has been refreshed to include local speakers and an update on new research.