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26th May 2018 to 30th May 2018
The very theme of the Congress, “Nature<>Nurture – challenges for a 3rd millennium Infant Mental Health” indicates that, while knowledge on the basic determinants of child development is increasingly accurate and...
10th June 2018 to 16th June 2018
This year we focus on the importance of attachment and hope you will be able to support us by showcasing/highlighting your organisations//charities initiatives, programmes, research and the support you are providing for parents and their...
15th June 2018, 9:30am until 4:30pm
A global perspective on best practice in infant mental health. A one-day conference addressing the complex needs of vulnerable parents and their children, featuring insights from Churchill Fellows and hosted by PIP UK in association with...
22nd June 2018, 1:30pm until 5:00pm
We are delighted to announce the launch date of the AIMH London and Home Counties Infant Mental Health Hub, enabling those within these areas to network and support each other in their IMH work and further their development of...