Why does AIMH exist?

...to bring together professionals, from many fields, who work with infants, young children and their families...

"Children are our most precious national resource; they are the living messages to a time we will not see, and new scientific advances are showing the crucial importance of the foundation years and especially the first 1001 days from conception until age 2 as a springboard for neuro-cognitive development, life-long health and well-being and socioeconomic success". National Scientific Council on the Developing Child, Harvard University.

AIMH (UK)'s purpose is to: 

encourage an awareness that infancy is a sensitive period in the psychosocial development of individuals

promote education, research and study of the effects of mental development during infancy on later normal and psychopathological development; and to promote research and study of the mental helath of the parents, families and other caregivers of infants.

promote evidence-based practice through encouraging close links between clinical workers and researchers.

disseminate knowledge about the mental and emotional health of infants and young children through strategic discussions, workshops, conferences and our website.

provide information and sometimes direct support, to those campaigning for recognition and resources to meet the mental health needs of young children and their families.

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